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by Penny Keay

Crawling in between the sweet smell of sheets is very soothing all by itself. There are a couple different ways to make your sheets and bed smell wonderful.

The simplest is to add several drops of essential oil to a 4 oz spray top bottle, add some distilled water, shake well and Spritz the sheets. Let dry a little, then finish making the bed.

Some folks prefer using Floral waters, they are wonderful too, but are quite costly. And if not stored properly can easily grow unwanted bacteria or fungi.

A better solution is our Linen Spray base. Simply add a few drops of your favorite essential oil(s) to the base, shake well and spritz your linens.

For linens, you do not need to add too much essential oils so you won't need additional emulsifiers unless you are adding over 1% essential oils.

We also have a Lavender Linen Spray available premixed. Click here

If you are doing laundry and have a full load of sheets you can add a few drops of your favorite essential oils to a damp clean washcloth. Add to the load of sheets when they are in the dryer - about 10 minutes prior to removing them. The sheets will smell wonderful.

Using essential oils in your bed may help you to fall asleep quickly to get a good nights sleep.

Also, if you would like to try to prevent colds or flu, using essential oils may help with viral infections!

Sleep Pillows

A simple and easy night time ritual involves placing a few drops of essential oils onto a couple of cotton balls and tuck them in both sides of your pillow just underneath the pillow case.

Some folks prefer to add a few drops to their pillow case themselves. Although most essential oils will totally evaporate, some will leave a slight color due to pigmentation in the distilled oils. So dropping directly on a pillow case (especially a white one) would not be encouraged.

You can use our Aromatherapy Lapel dots TM on the pillow or bedsheets.

Most people will fall asleep and relax more easily with Lavender, Roman chamomile or if insomnia is a problem you may need to try a 'tiny' amount of Valerian.

You may have your favorite oil to use to relax. Experiment to find what works for you.

You can also try our Bedtime Bliss or Sweet Dreams that combine several of the best known essential oils to promote relaxation and sleep.

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