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Caregivers - Using essential oils for your Well Being

by Penny Keay

November is National Family Caregivers month. And so we would like to extend our well wishes and Thanks to all those that take care of our loved ones.

What’s next? It is for you, the Caregivers. You are so very important. I’m going to repeat part a Tip of the Week here. As Caregivers are so important and need special recognition too.

We Salute all the Caregivers!!

If you know of someone that is a caregiver – let them know how appreciated they really are.

Whether they are being taken care of in their own home, in special care facilities or hospitals the special folks that take care of them hold a very special place in our hearts.

Caregivers can be husbands & fathers, wives and mothers, sons, daughters and nurses and nursing assistance and the list goes on. Actually it is quite exhaustive.

Clergy, Doctors, Nurses, a variety of technicians and laboratory personel, dietary, cleaning and as I said many, many more folks are responsible for caretaking our infirm.

Now, this article is about the things you need to do for yourself so you will not experience ‘burnout’.

You need to pamper yourself and take care of yourself too! As you continue to take care of those other folks in your life.

Each day, you take care of our loved ones in ways only you know what you do. We know how special you are, but do you?

Don’t ever think that what you do is ‘just a job’ as it is way more than that. You are the ones with the loving touch, the simple smile and more, that make our loved ones know they are being cared for when we can’t be there.

Each day you need to take a few moments and – ‘smell the Roses’! Well, not necessarily smell of Rose but inhale your favorite essential oils that give you the little boosts and "warm cozies" inside.

Knowing you are so important in the lives of those you attend and giving you the strength to continue is a 'must have'. And don’t be afraid to share those smells with those you take care of too.

When was the last time you had a relaxing bath? Where you filled the tub with really very warm or hot water and just sat there and soaked, undisturbed? With candle light? and soft music? Close your eyes and cover your face with a dampened cloth and just sit back and relax. Stay as long as you like and tune out the world. You deserve it.

Don’t have time for a bath? How about a foot soak and a little foot massage? Most folks enjoy this simple little pleasure.

Make an appointment and have a real massage by a real massage therapist. Let them work out all that tension in your back and neck. Most massage therapists will let you bring your own massage oil blends. We know many massage therapists that will welcome it. (We have plenty of massage blends to choose from and you may already have a few of ours on hand.)

At the very least, diffuse a few of your favorite essential oils in the evening before retiring for the night and enjoy a few pages out of a good book or that magazine you purchased a month ago.

Now, if you are not a caregiver, you most likely know someone that is taking care of an elderly relative or a homebound individual. Why not drop by and give them a little massage or bring them a silk flower arrangement and a bottle of essential oils so they can refresh the smell? (Don’t bring them a live plant unless you know they have time to take care of it – from personal experience – taking care of the homebound – my plants all ended up in the garbage as they slowly died off from lack of care).

Al and I have been caregivers and have also given the reins over to others to take care of our loved ones.

We know how hard it is and how much caregivers do and how much love they pour from themselves.

So again, We Salute you! But please, take care of yourselves too as we appreciate and depend on you for all that you do for our loved ones!

A New Alertness Blend

Angelica seed– 15 drops
Patchouli – 15 drops
Orange – 10 drops

Blend essential oils in a glass bottle. Diffuse several drops in any diffuser.

Energizing blend for your Co-workers

Lavender – 15 drops
Geranium – 10 drops
Cedarwood - 10 drops
Peppermint – 5 drops

Blend the above essential oils in an "> glass bottle. Then put several drops in some unscented lotion – Leave this lotion where coworkers will easily grab the bottle and use it. They will be so surprised how energized they will be!

The Caregivers Relaxation blend

Jasmine – 3 drops
Coriander – 3 drops
Lavender - 2 drops

Fill the tub with warm water. Swirl water and add the essential oils. Close the door for 5 minutes and let the oils permeate the room. Light a few candles, play some soft music. Enjoy a wonderful bath.

Northern Bliss at the Holidays

Douglas Fir needle – 20 drops
Coriander – 20 drops
Bergamot – 20 drops
Orange – 10 drops
Emulsifier – 1 teaspoonful
distilled water – 4 ounces

Blend essential oils well in PET plastic spray bottles then add the teaspoon emulsifier. Mix thoroughly. Then add the distilled water and shake well. Spray around the room as desired.

Alternatively – omit the emulsifier and distilled water and blend just the essential oils in a glass bottle, then use in any diffuser.

All the products listed in the article are available at our Shopping Site.

© 2005, 2006, 2008, 2014, 2015, 2017 Penny Keay All rights reserved Worldwide.
Please do not use my information without my permission.

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