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Following are excepts or complete e-mail letters and comments from our customers.

Many of them have allowed us to use their letters as long as we don't use their last name or e-mail addresses.

We do have all of the letters on file. If you would like to send us your comments and give us permission we will include them here too!

Thanks for all your comments and of course your patronage, You're all so wonderful too!

Penny & Al, You guys are great!!! Professional Service, excellent products, yet you deal with people as if they were your friends.

You have a customer for life and I will refer others.

Right now I have a burner going with clary sage and peppermint (3/4 clary, 1/4 peppermint). It may not be synergistic. but it is a wonderful almost intoxicating aroma.

Regards, Becky R.

February, 2006

Then in March 2006 she wrote to us again.

Penny and Al -

The French Lavender and the Angelica Seed oils are WONDERFUL!!! Both are obviously top quality.

Thanks for being so receptive to your customers' requests for new products.

Regards, Becky R



I just wanted to thank you so much.

Your products are great.

You really shipped them very fast.

I will order more product very soon.

Thank you again

Donald M.

March 2006


Hi again, Al and Penny,

We received our order today, and were so pleased!

We have not yet tried out the creams and talc, but the oils and other items are very nice indeed!

We especially loved the wonderful personal inhaler! Shar has asthma, so being able to put the oils in an inhaler is especially handy!

The charts look very helpful too, and we look forward to using them.

We look forward to purchasing more from you.

Thank you for your excellent service, Shar and Duncan

March 2006


Alan and Penny,

I just want to thank you for your prompt response and delivery of my recent order.

I was thinking of checking out a few online companies who sell essential oils to see where I could get the best deal. Since yours was the only one I saw that offered allspice, I began with you. I don't feel the need to try any more now. v I am impressed with your company and hope to continue to be a customer. I really appreciate all the extras you offer and your professionalism and great business ethic.

Thank you , Joanne

March 2006


Hello Al and Penny, My order arrived today and I can hardly wait to begin working seriously with the oils.

Thank you very much for the Energizing Mint Blend sample and for the pipettes.

I am a beginner at aromatherapy, I have read and studied several of the books on your recommended list and appreciate the extensive information you have on your website.

Thank you for your prompt service. Blessings, Germaine

February 2006


thanks, for the itchy skin information. it is due to very dry skin, something that plagues me every winter. as you know i always have lavender oil handy so will try that in some lotion and see how it works. if it doesn't do the trick i'll write back and/or order your sorbolene cream. you know, you and al are the best. thanks again


January 2006


Good day Penny & Al, I received my order on Friday....

Thank you so much for your fast assistance via email to get through some online ordering glitches. I also was amazed at how fast you packaged and shipped my order.

I'm very happy with the products I ordered. I had looked in so many stores for unscented products to use with my oils.... .I happened upon your web site in an online search.....

Thanks again Peace, Patricia

January 2006


Alan and Penny, I wanted you to know that I absolutely, positively love your website and newsletter!!!!!!!!

Your information is so helpful and I frequently try the recipes with the essential oils


Laurie J

January 2006


Hi Al and Penny.... just wanted to say thanks again for another huge order that arrived super fast last week! Products were great for me, and my mom loved some of them too. Just made another order for some more things for her. Thanks for providing such high quality products and getting them to my house so quickly every time. Your lavender is fabulous!!

I wanted to say I've had great luck with the Camellia Sinesis oil. My skin looks so radiant. I thought it came from the camellia plant (like the one in my back yard with big flowers). But turns out it's the "tea plant". Couldn't believe it since I'm a huge tea drinker. Thanks for that new idea!

I've just ordered a nasal inhaler for the first time. Can't wait to get it. I was wondering if you all might consider stocking tiny necklace pendants that hold fragrance? I've also seen tiny key chain-size spray bottles with glass inserts about the size of the nasal inhaler. I've had such good luck with you all that I'm not going to order from other websites anymore, but I'd sure be interested in those items if you ever stocked a few.

Thanks a lot! Eileen A

Snellville, Georgia

November, 2005


Hi, I came across your website by doing a search for Lotion base Essential Oils.

I've been searching for several weeks, trying to find lotions that had essential oils in them. That's not an easy thing to do, lol. I tried making my own lotion several times and they didn't come out very well. I even bought a lotion base and added powdered herbs in that...not a good idea either, lol.

One of the main things I wanted was an essential oil blend. I am looking for blends for regular lotion, eczema, and bug away.

I was so glad to come across your website and see the blends you have available! I also like the fact that you have such a variety of sizes available. I'm going to look over your blends again and see which ones may be what I'm looking for.

I enjoyed looking around your website and get the feeling you and your hubby are some wonderful people.... always enjoying life! I just wanted to say that. I've bookmarked your website and will probably be ordering in the next bit or so... :) Be Blessed, April September, 2005

Shortly after her letter April placed her first of many orders.


Hi. My e-mail wasn't going through and I would really like to be put on your mailing list for new recipes new ways to use oils etc. You have a great site and what makes it so wonderful is that you present so many good ideas helpful hints, etc.

Many of us love aromatherapy, want to use quality oils and yet require a friendly helping hand to use things correctly and be given ideas when we don't have very inventive minds

So again, thank-you and l look forward to receiving your newsletters and placing my first order.

Daiva September 2005


Dear Al and Penny, I just wanted to say "thank you" so much for my recent order. It was my first time ordering from you and I was pleasantly surprised to say the least.

I had placed my order on Sept.13th and I just received it just a few minutes ago (today is the 16th).

I just wanted to say that I am so happy to have these oils and other supplies just in time for me to do some 'experimenting' this weekend! The geranium rose blend is absolutely stunning! I could not believe how heavenly it smells!!! And to know that it is 100% pure EO's just adds to it.

I had been searching for a few weeks now for that blend and was thrilled to find it on your site (which I had bookmarked weeks ago for the recipes) at such an affordable price.

Again, thank you for the quick delivery. You have a repeat customer for life now... as you can see by my next order, that I just placed!!!

Sincerely, Douwadee G.

September 2005


I usually enjoy yard work but not at this time of the year due to the "gnats"..

Today was a day that I would have been engulfed in them..(cloudy, no breeze)..I just came in from mowing and doing all of the weekeating and actually enjoyed it..

I recently purchased a bottle of your "Bug Off"..Used it for the first time today..

I haven't looked to see what is in it.. I don't care what is in it.. It is fantastic !! I was not bothered with ANY insects..

Thank you SO much !!!


June 2005


Hi Penny,

Thanks for letting me know that my order is on the way. I will let you k

now when it gets here. Thank Al for me, for all his help with my various problems I have had lately and tell him the massage oil recipe he sent me works great. I really appreciate it !!(O:

Take care,



Dear Penny and Alan,

I received my order yesterday and everything is just beautiful, thank you. I have bookmarked your site, and just as soon as I am flush (with money, that is) I will be back ordering essential oils like a spirit possessed!

Have a lovely long weekend, and best of luck with your wonderful business.



Thank you so much. I got my oils and I was very pleased. I will definitely be doing business with you again.



Penny and Al,

I received my order on Friday, July 27, 2001. Thank you for the sample of orange EO. I really appreciate your customer service.

Ecommerce is one of my areas of study (I'm working on my computer information systems degree). Contacting me about a pending order and then emailing me when the order was mailed is a great way to maintain customer enthusiasm.

I am enjoying the synergies and petitgrain EO. I have been looking for a morning wake-up blend and an afternoon relaxation blend for our nebulizer at work. So far the stimulating blends are well received by my fellow co-workers. We are having a harder time with the afternoon blend. I've been using lemon or orange (7 parts) and lavender (2-3 parts) as the afternoon stress reliever. Do you have any suggestions?


Mary Jane B



Just a quick note to say thank you. The oils I purchased as a gift were very well received and I appreciate the quality of the service and the products! I look forward to doing business with you in the future!

Mary P.


Alan & Penny:

Just wanted to thank you for your prompt and friendly service. I like supporting people who have small businesses because my husband and I have run our own "Mom & Pop" business since 1985. I have found that the service we are able to provide people as the "real" small businesses of the US are sometimes the best. We design printed circuit boards for customers based in the Chicago area, and a few others out of state--New York, Florida and Ohio.

I just found out about aroma therapy's possibilities from my neighbor this last year, and have found it very beneficial for the health problems I had been experiencing. I frequently like to run a diffuser. The problem has been that the oils just don't last very long and are so expensive that I do not feel comfortable running it through the daytime hours as much as I would like. Also, we converted our house to solar electricity this year and this diffuser with a timer will be a boon for saving on electricity. I am so glad that your web site was the first and easiest one I found to order from, and that your service was so quick.

Thanks again. I am looking forward to years of benefit to my health from this product. Thanks again for your on-going communication to answer my questions and keep me informed as to the status of my order.


Karen W


Penny, I received my diffuser today, and I love it! So much that I would like to buy one for my mother for Christmas, is there any way you could wrap it in Christmas wrap for me?

Richard S.

Special Note to our customers - If you request it, we will wrap any product for Birthday, Valentines, Christmas or any other occasion - no extra charge and we include a card signed with a special message if you want!)


Thank you for letting me know. I found your site and am interested in your products for a reason that is probably not the usual reason. I am very sensitive to the SMELL of any chemical or fragrances (natural or synthetic). My skin is not that sensitive, just my reaction to inhaling these products. Needless to say, this makes it quite difficult to find personal care products that I can use. I currently am most interested in a body/bath/shower wash or gel that I can use. The only product that I have been able to find in retail stores was a product by Calgon, but it has been discontinued. I'm hoping to be able to use your base products.

Thank you for offering these products. I look forward to receiving my "sample" kit and trying all of them.


flowers Received my order today.

How wonderfully speedy. I cannot wait to experiment with the unscented shower gel. Making Christmas gifts just got a little bit more fun. And I love the Conifer scent! What wonderful candles it will make. Thank you, Thank you. Will probably be shopping with you again soon.

Have a wonderful Holiday full of abundant blessings.



Dear Alan and Penny,

Thanks so much for wrapping it and adding the note, I really appreciate the personal touch and I am sure that my mother will enjoy it a lot. Thanks again, and I will certainly be back when I want some more of your products :-)




Alan and Penny,

Thank you so much. I am very pleased with my order. Everything smells wonderful! You can be sure I will continue to order from Birch Hill Happenings. Thanks again.


Dina V


Hi ~ Thanks for letting me know when it should arrive. And yes, i am one of your appreciative customers!!!

Remember me telling you i was having some trouble with my nebulizer? Well, i called Amrita and told them that one - it was very noisy, and that two, it wasn't working like it did when i first had it. They suggested i soak the glass and tubing in denatured alcohol for 24 hours and see if that cleared up the trouble. Well, it didn't, so i boxed it up all and returned the whole thing. To my delight, they offered to send me a bottle of Lavendar Ess Oil to make up for my shipping costs. And, i received the nebulizer back with a brand new glass part and a very quiet nebulizer. It works wonderful!!!! They even asked me what oils,types of oils i was using, to make sure i wasn't using the thick oils, and i told them i almost always use Clary Sage or Lavendar and that i buy my oils from Birch Hill. So, they knew i wasn't using the wrong oils. Needless to say, that confirmed that the trouble wasn't on my end due to negligence. What a wonderful company!!! Sure glad you sell their nebulizers!

Okay enough of my gabbing. Thanks for everything!!!

Take Care - Peace/Harmony ~ Eagle Song (a/k/a Judith)


.... I wrote to thank you for reminding me about Christmas. I make different baskets every year, and this year it's going to be the winter survival basket. A few scented logs tied with a tartan plaid bow, a bottle of wine, relaxing & sensual linen spray, bath gel, massage oil and hand made sachet bags,( stuffed coffee filters tied with bows), for stove top simmering. Sound good to you? Step aside Victorias Secret.

Thanks for including your customers on your personal notes. It really makes us feel welcome. (e-mail from Deirdre)


Hi Penny:

The diffuser and oils my boss bought were for his wife's birthday. She has always enjoyed mine, and was very appreciative and happy with it.

She promised me that she would also buy me more blends when she orders from you, because I go through them fast battling their cigarette smoking partner in the office.

Thank you for your wonderful products. If you wouldn't mind dropping a few of your business cards in the mail to me, I would be happy to pass them along to the clients who comment on how great it smells. Right now, I just pass along your URL, but having a card would be something they wouldn't forget.



Hi Alan and Penny!

Just wanted to let you know that I received both orders today and am so PLEASED with EVERYTHING!!

I am SO happy with your website as its easy to use and has all the specialized oils I was looking for (even the rare ones). I have always enjoyed aromatherapy, striving for relaxing blends that would be a welcomed addition for soapmaking, bath salts, or bubble bath, as well as massage oils to pamper the recipient after a long day of work.

Originally from Connecticut, I have a deep appreciation for the outdoors and flowers and essences. Since I am a beginner soapmaker I experiment an awful lot on my poor husband. He never knows what he's gonna smell like walking out the door in the morning!

I also wanted to thank you for the wonderful samples! They will certainly be put to good use!

I enjoyed seeing both your photos on the net as it gave a personal touch to the site making me feel safe in knowing who I was doing business with.

Talk to you soon and thank you both again!.




Alan and Penny,

Thank you so much for letting me know my order has been shipped, I truly appreciate it. The whole reason for a second order is the first, I'm sure you must be aware of this. As I purchased the Dolphin for my daughter's birthday in February and didn't expect it to get here this quickly, I'm surprised and very pleased. The timely manner in which the first order was received MUST be an Alaskan record!

I'm also pleased with the quality of this cute little addition to her growing Dolphin collection. Since I'm into formulating my own Aromatherapy recipes, and she has a slight problem with insomnia, this is The perfect present for her on two levels.

Thank You. Lisa W.


Al, this is Margaret. I received order today, Thanks for the two samples. Thank you so very much for everything.

May you and your family have a happy holiday season!!


Albuddy1 wrote previously: Margaret, this is Al from Birch Hill Happ-e-nings. Your order is going out in the mail tomorrow. You should receive it by Monday. We are sending it priority mail -which means 3 days.

Thank you again for your order. If you have any questions or can help you in any way, please contact me.


Dear Alan and Penny,

I must say that I am pleasantly surprised and quite impressed at the professional and efficient way that you have handled my order. When I was looking on line, there are just so many to chose from and I wanted to make sure that I chose a good company. (This is the first time that I have ordered anything on line). As I am just starting to learn about aromatherapy it seems to be a fascinating area and I hope to use your company again in the future. Once again, my hats off to you for being so customer service oriented. Any literature that you could recommend would be quite appreciated.

Thanks again!! (PS I'm making a massage "concoction (sp?)" from a recipe I found in a health book and the Hazelnut Oil I ordered is the base oil)

A very satisfied customer.


(You can e-mail Keile if you'd like. Keile Juckem


Dear Al,

... I really appreciate all of your help.

This is the first time that I have used the internet to buy something.

I have to say that it has been the most pleasant shopping I have done.

It is ironic that I would feel more personally cared for by a person I have never seen then by a person standing in front of me!


<img src=" height=28 width=56>

Al and Penny,

Thank you so much for keeping me posted on your essential oils and recipes, also on your specials. I did have the chance just briefly to review your last update and was very pleased. I also received in the mail your literature and was impressed. Thank you again. I have enjoyed making my own products and also receiving new and updated material on oils that I have that I never thought about being created with. Your newslettter has really become my essential oil bible, and to think that I only contacted you just days ago. Wow!

Thank you again and please do keep sending me your updates and any information that you may feel that I may be interested in. I appreciate all of your help. You have been so kind and gracious in accommodating me.

Dee Ann Hodges***** have a glorious day

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