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Are you prepared for a Life Changing event?

Essential oils may help

by Penny Keay

Back in 1998 and 1999, everyone was getting ready for the turn of the century – yep 2000. Can you believe it has already been almost 2 decades?

Back then, folks were concerned about what would happen if things ‘went south’ when the clocks struck 12:01 on January 1, 2000.

Luckily, nothing happened – at least as far as we know. But, what if it had? What if the power grid had gone down and things we rely on to keep our lives running smoothly suddenly crashed?

Since then there has been several tragic and catastrophic events: Sept 11, 2001, other bombings, earthquakes, numerous hurricanes& tornadoes, flooding, airplane crashes, train wrecks, just to name a few of man-made and natural disasters.

Are you prepared if such a life changing disaster should come knocking on your doorstep? How about in your neighborhood, state or country?

Every home and business needs to have a PLAN. Something ready in a spur of the moment if such a disaster strikes. Something you can grab to take with you should you need to leave.

Obviously, you’d want food (snacks) and water, maybe blankets and clothing. The basics needed to survive a few days.

If there is no electricity, the phones may not work; cell phones and computers may not work either, so a paper and pen would be useful. Who knows what you might need to communicate.

Of course, a First Aid Kit might come in very handy, especially if you have to evacuate the area and/or the disaster caused bodily harm to many. Most folks want to give a helping hand where they can.

What about essential oils, wouldn’t you want some of them along too?

During the 9/11 attack the rescue workers were given much relief by various others. Aroma Therapists and Certified Massage therapists jumped in to help provide their services for the tired, weary firefighters, rescue workers and other supportive personnel.

They used a special blend they created using lavender, rosemary, eucalyptus, fir needle, niaouli, tea tree and peppermint added to a massage oil base.

I definitely would include all of those essential oils in an Emergency Preparedness kit along with several others.

There are many things you might deal with after and during any kind of disaster. Depending on what happened and where everyone involved may be located, you could be dealing with physical ailments to emotional ones. Some of these could easily get out of hand.

Using essential oils can be useful to ease the tensions such events could muster and may be a step in the right direction to deal with the initial exaggerated emotions such disasters cause.

Here are a few essential oil suggestions and why you want to include them in your Emergency Bag should your need to evacuate or to even to use at home, if something happens or should arise close to you.


- known as the “Mother” of essential oils she is good at just about everything. Calming, relaxing and eases nervous tension. May be able to be used for basic first aid of insect bites, wounds, burns, bruises and more, dealing with bad odors, and much more


– helps with mental alertness, memory recall and more, soreness in muscles and joints, dealing with bad odors, and much more


– may help ease congestion (from crying, dust, or other), soreness in muscles and joints, dealing with bad odors, and much more

Tea Tree

– insect bites, helpful for bumps, bruises, scrapes and much more


– helpful for nausea, soreness in muscles and joints, dealing with bad odors, and much more


- helpful for bumps, bruises, scrapes and more, soreness in muscles and joints, and much more

Roman and German Chamomile

– to help relax and ease tension, calming, and much more

Neroli, Mandarin or Bergamot FCF

- These oils help deal with stress, panic and anxiety, as do many other floral scents and much more

There are any number of available blends that could come in very handy for catastrophic situations – simply look into your current supplies of essential oils and see which ones you feel might be the best choices in any given situation. We might suggest the following Blends: Four Robbers, Pure cleansing, Anxiety Stop, Peppermint & Rosemary, Air Freshen, Happy! Happy!!, Peaceful, Calming, Scratches & Boo Boos, and possibly others.

Place your essential oils in a handy bag or simply a small cosmetic bag. You don’t need anything fancy, but you do want to be able to protect them from excessive heat.

We also suggest you carry a bottle of MCT or fractionated coconut oil to blend essential oils down to the correct percentages should you need to apply them to the skin.

Just remember to check your kit annually to rotate in and out fresh essential oils and the carrier oils. And if you have a full Emergency Prepared kit check all those items too! A kit is no good if the items in it are stale or out of date.

Let us hope none of us are ever in a situation where you are in danger but if you prepare ahead of time you will have it better than those that have not prepared.

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