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Did you have Fish tonight? Dealing with unpleasant odors

by Penny Keay

Here it is just after supper and some friends call and want to come over to play cards or watch a movie or what have you.

But oh my, you fixed your famous fried fish for your family tonight and boy does the house smell like - fish!!

Quick – grab your essential oils, mix some in a little Emulsifier and add some distilled water.

Shake the spray bottle and quickly spritz the air around the WHOLE house. Because if you don’t, every one will still know you cooked fish for supper!!

Best scents to help cover fishy smells – Lemon and other citrus blends. Rosemary and Lavender work too but Lemon and Lime are my favorite essential oils of choice to rid the area of cooking odors.

After a few minutes, you should re-spray the rooms.

Then light or plug in an oil warmer with a soy wax tart in it and diffuse any other blend you choose. Wax tarts can be used for hours and you don’t need to worry about the diffuser burning dry.

Oh, PS Don’t forget to take out the trash and wash or dispose of all the other ‘fishy’ smelling dishes or you know what might creep back into the kitchen – yep – that fishy smell once again!!

Note: I don’t want to offend anyone thinking that fish are the only smelly food you can cook but to me it’s right up there. Other smelly foods – Liver and onions, burnt popcorn just to name a couple others!

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