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HEARTBURN Can essential oils help?

by Penny Keay

Heart burn and/or indigestion is caused from spasms in the stomach or esophagus that allows gas and acid from the stomach to move up towards your throat. This painful burning sensation can be very uncomfortable. Hiatal hernias can also contribute to this very painful malady.

There are several oils that maybe useful to help reduce the irritation in the stomach, relieve inflammation and help to prevent infection.

Oils can be added to an herbal tea and consumed at meals. Chamomile tea with ONE drop ONLY of Lemon OR Fennel OR Melissa may give relief.

Remember, more is not better, when it comes to essential oils. Of course we truly do not recommend ingestion of any essential oil.

A (ONE) drop added to tea or a glass of water is typically very safe when used on rare occasions, but never should they be used (consumed) on a daily basis.

It really is best to play it very safe, so we suggest you just buy herbal teas. The essential oils are still in the teas and are very effective and safe when consumed in this manner.

Of course, you should try to eliminate foods that seem to give you the most irritation. Sometimes it is trial and error, elimination of foods that seem to give you the most problem. Then try adding them back to the diet and see what happens.

We have found that it is not spicy or fatty foods that give us heartburn, but foods made from grains (breads, pasta). Several high carbohydrate foods give us problems. We have eliminated them from our diet and have not suffered from heartburn in years.

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