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Using Essential oils At the Hotel – What to Use & Do?

by Penny Keay

Don’t you like to travel to take a little break?

There are many reasons you might be staying in a hotel. You may be out of town for the Holidays, weddings, visiting folks that don’t have accommodations for you, or you plain and simply need to get away. (I see a shopping spree in my future!)

When you go out of town, and unless you have relatives you can stay at, you most likely will be staying in a hotel or other similar lodging.

If you are like us, you want to make your ‘room’ be as cozy as possible so you can relax and get a half way decent night sleep.

So, the first things we do is check for bed bugs (see below) and then get a diffuser going in the room. We like to use our Calming or Relaxing blend or sometimes even just plain old Lavender.

Now if you have forgotten to bring a diffuser (we use either a Scentball or a TruMelange) you can always use a Tissue and just lay that on a dish (or in the sink). We have used a tissue propped on the air conditioner/heating unit as the forced air quickly circulates the essential oils throughout the room.

Only use about 3-4 drops of essential oils to start with. These rooms are smaller and you don't need a lot of essential oil to scent these rooms. You can always add more later, if you need.

Next, we inspect the bathroom and shower and if questionable or if we feel we just want an extra cleaning, we will spray on some of our All Purpose Spray cleaner with Pure Cleansing blend added. We put a light mist on all the surfaces and let dry. Or I wipe off using a cleaning cloth.

Often times you’ll find a shoe buffing cloth in the hotel room and since we wear tennis shoes, we don’t need to polish shoes, so we use their buffing cloth to wipe down the doorknobs, handles, etc., then toss in the wastebasket.

Be careful to not drop any undiluted essential oils on the furniture or plastics in the room as it could easily mar the finish or disfigure the plastics.

Bed Bugs or other creepy crawlies:

Although you hope the hotel is taking care of this, it is always a possibility you may run into this situation.

After having had an experience with bed bugs in a hotel, and were bitten before we knew what was up, we now take precautions when we travel. When we enter the room, I pull back the sheets and inspect the mattresses. Yep, I want to make sure I don’t see any bed bugs.

If they are present, you will see them on the edges – snuggled up next to the top sewing ridge. Baby bedbugs, will be nested together along the seams.

Another telltale sign is seeing what looks like ‘rust’ spots on the surface of the mattress, sheets or bedding. Yep, that is blood spots of ‘squished’ bed bugs.

They have soft bodies, easily squished with your fingers or body while you sleep. Even in the hottest of water, those types of stains don’t seem to be able to be eliminated.

IF you see bedbugs – leave the hotel and report them to the health department. You don’t want to be bitten by bedbugs. They hurt and they take forever to heal!

If you don’t see any evidence but still want to take precautions, we suggest using our Bug Off spray, Outdoor delight or other product from your own recipes used for repelling insects ( geranium and cedarwood are not liked by many insects) – either put on yourself or spritz a small amount on the bed sheets. Just a very light misting is all you want to use, as you don’t want the essential oils in the blend to interfere with your sleeping.

As for other bugs

There isn’t much else you can do except hope there aren’t any others. Most reputable hotels have exterminators that regularly take care of spiders, ants, silverfish and cockroaches.

Anyway, back to the room freshening

After we go out for supper, when we are returning to the room, we take a ‘whiff’ of the air in the hallway.

If we (or you) can smell the essential oils throughout the hallway – you’ve used way too much. You should only smell it as you enter your room.

Open up the windows of your room (if possible) and air it out. If you can smell it in the hallway, then you have too much in your room too!

Because we have used essential oils for quite a while, we normally don’t use too much so that the air of the whole hotel is being scented anymore.

It used to be more of a problem when we stayed in hotels that allowed smoking. Here in Minnesota (and other states), that is not a problem since smoking is no longer allowed in most places.

Our Favorite Essential Oils and blends to take with us:

Lavender, Four Robbers, Pure Cleansing, Mint Energizing, Calming, Rosemary, Peppermint and Fragonia.

We put them in one of the Travel bags so we have them with each trip. The Travel Case is easy to pack in just about any suitcase along with the Scentball. We just pull from our Storage box; add to the travel bag so we always have our freshest essential oils with us.

If you travel on a weekly basis, you may be able to leave them in your suitcase. We suggest that you date your bottles and recycle or replace them every few months.

To get us going in the mornings, a Shower with some of the Mint Energizing blend on the Washcloth and shower gel and well, you’ll be ready for the Day!

Happy Traveling! So, don’t forget to take along those oils – or you’ll wish you had!

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© 2017 Penny Keay All rights reserved Worldwide.
Please do not use my information without my permission.

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