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Nasal Inhalers in Aromatherapy

by Penny Keay

Often times we suggest to you to use a nasal inhaler to utilize essential oils for various situations ranging from ailments and other conditions.

Using a nasal inhaler is a very effective way to reap the benefits of those precious oils.


When asked if there is a correct way to use the nasal inhaler we will give the following instructions.

First, you need to get you nasal inhaler ready to use by placing 5-10 drops of the essential oil/s you are going to be using.

What you use will depend on the situation for which you are using the inhaler.

If you are using a disposable plastic nasal inhaler or, you will either apply the drops directly to a cotton pad and then assemble the unit or if you are ‘recharging’ it you may be able to just place a few drops using a thin tipped pipette through the hole the scenting is released from.

If you are using one with a removable bottle, metal styled nasal inhalers you will disassemble it, place drops on a cotton swab and place inside the bottle, and reassemble.

If you are using our sealed style metal inhaler , you will use the thin tipped pipette included and insert the drops down the openings.

The correct way to use the inhaler follows:

When you are using the Personal inhaler to just help you deal with various emotional issues you simply place the inhaler tip NEXT to and just about a half an inch below your nostril.

You do not ever need to place the nasal inhaler inside the nostrils. In fact, we suggest you never insert them in your nose.

The proper way is to hold the inhaler just below your nose and slowly inhale. Slowly is the key. Count slowly 1, 2, 3, 4, 5. as you inhale. Then hold for another count of 5, and then slowly exhale.

What this does is help your body to absorb and utilize the essential oil. It gives the essential oil molecules a chance to be absorbed into your bloodstream. Once they are there, they can be delivered throughout the body and to the brain as needed.

Repeat the above procedure – 2 to 3 times for each nostril and then you are done. You can use your nasal inhaler every 2-3 hours if needed.

What if you have nasal congestion? Then you will need to use two separate nasal inhalers. One you will need to have filled and prepared with Peppermint essential oil

WHY PEPPERMINT?  Peppermint essential oil will help to quickly reduce swelling and inflammation in your nasal passages. Follow the above instructions for correct inhalation.

You may need to hold your finger to close the nostril you are not inhaling through to allow the one nostril to get the benefit of the peppermint oil. Don’t forget to do this to both nostrils.

When you have inhaled the  Peppermint oil  into both nostrils, wait a few minutes (some folks will have the nasal passages open immediately, others it may take a few minutes).

Once you have the nasal passages opened a bit, then you can use your second inhaler with your intended essential oils.

Again, follow the ‘counting’ method above. If you are dealing with sinus or other upper respiratory ailments, you may find you may only need to use the peppermint oil inhaler the first few times.

Once the essential oils get the inflammation under control you may not need the peppermint oil inhaler. Although since peppermint smells so good, you may choose to use it each time.

What essential oils are popularly used in inhalers?

Lavender  of course, but our  Calming blend or Peaceful blends are helpful for if you have a bit of anxiety. Anxiety Stop is great for those that are very anxious. Concentration is great to use when working, studying or driving.

Sinus and Upper respiratory: besides  Peppermint, Four Robbers blend, Pure Cleansing blend and Immunity builder. Respiratory Blend, and Easy Breathe Blends  are also useful.

See all our  Personal nasal inhalers.  And if you need a Replacement Cotton Wick to easily change from one essential oil to another, we offer those too.

In addition, of course, we have a full selection of single note and synergy blends for all your nasal inhaler needs as our “Made Fresh for You”.

You can use any essential oil or blend , including any recipe you make up on your own in the nasal inhalers. In fact, we suggest you use them if you want to take them along with you while traveling or at work. Especially if you are around others that may not want to smell essential oils or that may be scent sensitive.

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