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to help you Locate your Lost, Missing Package or delayed delivery

Lost or Missing

It is very rare for your order to be lost or missing. But it does occur and we have found that most folks (99.99%) have been able to locate their package - with the following helpful information.

FIRST we need you to realize that we have done our part by processing and shipping your order in a timely manner.

There is not much else we can do once we put it in the hands of the shippers.

We entrust it to either the US Postal Service or the United Parcel Service for it to get to you.

You will need to Check your Delivery Confirmation number
(if it was sent by the US Postal Service) or the tracking number (if by UPS - United Parcel Service).

These "numbers" were sent to you by e-mail at the time the order was shipped.

Provided you gave us a correct e-mail address when your order was placed On-line, you would have them within hours of the package being accepted by either of these two shipping methods.

If you can't locate those e-mail notices (which would come from either UPS or USPS, you can e-mail a request for us to get your tracking/delivery numbers. (We keep them on file here for 6 months.)

IMPORTANT NOTE about tracking by the USPS:

If the tracking information is not current it does not mean your package is not on it's way. Unfortunately no tracking system is perfect and may not be updated as much as you would like.

Please understand there is absolutely NOTHING we can do once your package is in their system. SO If it is trully LOST and is not delivered to you: In other words - the delivery tracking says it was not delivered then you may be able to file a claim.

If it was shipped by Priority Mail and not delivered:

Then After 21 days, then a claim can be filed. YOU cannot do that before 21 days from acceptance at the Post Office. See

If it was shipped by First Class Mail

Then you need to wait 30 days. If it is not delivered we can have the Postal Service try to Track it down.

First Class packages are ONLY insured by our 3rd party insurer for upto $50.00 retail value ONLY if the order was a Free Shipping Qualified order where we choose to ship it by First Class. We can reimburse you for up to that amount after the Post Office has attempted to locate it and depending on the items that were ordered. We still need to wait 30 days from acceptance of the Post Office.

IF you need the items sooner, without waiting for the 30 days, then we suggest you Place another Order and choose Priority Mail or UPS as the shipping method, since both of these methods include insurance by the respective carrier service.

If the 'LOST' order then arrives you can refuse it or the 'reorder'. Please let us know what you want to do.


The only thing We can do is give you some suggestions – To help you try to find your package.

  • Does the time stamp for the Delivery Confirmation or Tracking number look correct for the time your mail or UPS packages are usually delivered?
  • Was the person that delivered your package on the day in question – your regular mail carrier or a substitute? (You may need to ask the Post master, not the postal clerk or carrier)
  • Note the Time stamp for the time of delivery – Is that around or near the time your mail is delivered? If not Why the discrepancy? Again - Ask your Postmaster (not the mail carrier or a postal clerk).
  • Ask your Neighbors, sometimes neighbors will get your mail if you are not home (and forget to let you know they have it sitting in the house). Or Maybe you asked them to take in your mail or
  • Did you tell your mail carrier to put packages in the garage, another building or another place when you are not home.
  • Stealing Mail is a Federal Offense and is punishable by law.
    If you suspect your package was stolen by a neighbor, stranger or the mail carrier (yes sometimes it can be stolen by Postal workers) you need to contact your POSTMASTER (please talk to the Postmaster – not one of the Postal Clerks they are not in charge of the Post office and many of them do not know the correct procedures)
  • FILL OUT the appropriate forms –You need to get them from the Postmaster for possible theft/rifling. Your mail route will be closely monitored for inappropriate activity and your mail carrier will be made accountable for all your mail for several weeks to months.

IF your package was to be delivered by UPS

You will need to contact the local service center AFTER you have the tracking information for your package. They will be able to help you by contacting the Delivery Driver for your stop to find out where it was delivered.

IF you had your Package Sent to your Work Place.

PLEASE Check with your MAIL ROOM CLERK DEPARTMENT Personnel. They are under the same obilgations as all Postal Workers. All mail/packages are still to be made accountable by the folks that work in that room or department. Again, stealing can occur there too.

Packages delivered to any office building will have a time stamp too, either by the Post Office or UPS.

We did our part by processing and shipping your order.

We put your package in the “hands” of the Postal service or UPS and they then took “responsibility” to deliver it.

If you think it may have been stolen, either by the postal carrier or someone else, you should fill out the paperwork for theft, as it is a Federal offense.

Start at the Post Office if it was sent by USPS or UPS Service, then contact your Local Sheriff or Police Department. As stated it is still an unlawful act for anyone to 'steal' your mail or packages from your home.

If it was a possible Mail theft, Then your route will be ‘watched’ both by the postmaster and the regional representative for a while to make sure that more things are not disappearing. Remember if you had a package or letter stolen how many others like you, or your neighbors are not getting their mail or packages?

Sorry we can’t be of more help, but as I mentioned above this is the Postal service or United Parcel services responsibility as to where you package was actually delivered or where it went.

Remember YOU Paid for their services too!

Also if you think it may have been stolen, please contact your local neighborhood watch or police to let them know things are disappearing.

If your Mail or Packages are missing chances are other folks mail and packages are too.

© 2010, 2015 Penny Keay All rights reserved Worldwide.
Please do not use my information without my permission.

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