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written in 2005

Below is a list of our Past Newsletters.

They covered subjects such as: Physical Ailments, Emotional Concerns, Health and Beauty, and Around the Home and Garden. Also included are Recipes.

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Several of the Articles have a Printable version for you to print out should you so desire. The link to the print version will be found on the articles web page if available.

Volume 84
Earaches and Hearing loss, Relaxation, Psoriasis, Plant companions.

Volume 83
Carrier oils, Methods of Applications - How much essential oils to add

Volume 82
Headaches, Tension, Ringworm, Holiday Scenting

Volume 81
Catarrh, Irritabilty, Diaper Rash, Sanitizing your Mattress

Volume 80
Croupy Coughs, Forgetfulness, Dandruff, How to measure in Aromatherapy

Volume 79
Tennis Elbow, Invigorating oils and blends, Scaly skin, Furry Pest control

Volume 78
Sore Throat, Jet Lag, Itchiness and Summertime refreshing Blends

Volume 77
Athlete's Foot, Calming Blends, Corns and Calluses and Flea remedies for dogs

Volume 76
Scars, Happiness and Joy, Cooling Sprays, and Garden Insect control

Volume 75
Stress (Part 3), Spring skin care and Insect Repellents!

Volume 74
Stress (Part 2), Bath Salts and Scrubs, and Bathroom Cleaning!

Volume 73
Overworked muscles, Stress (Part 1), Cracked Skin, and Potpourri's

Volume 72
Fatigue, Love Romance and Aphrodisiacs, Oral health, Sweet Sheets

Volume 71
Feeling Cold?, Confidence, Tired Swollen legs, cleaning the Refrigerator

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