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Archived Newsletters
written in 2010

Below is a list of our Past Newsletters written in 2010.

They covered subjects such as: Physical Ailments, Emotional Concerns, Health and Beauty, and Around the Home and Garden. Also included are Recipes.

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Several of the Articles have a Printable version for you to print out should you so desire. The link to the print version will be found on the articles web page if available.

Volume 139 - December 21, 2010
Oh Boy More Ice and Snow, Whoops! I just landed on my ?!?!; Holiday Blues and Memories; Moisturize your Skin both in and out; including helpful recipes

Volume 138 - December 2, 2010
Health Conditions and EO’s that might help, next section in a series ; Everyone wants Peace and to feel Peaceful ; Make your Gifts Personally this year! ; including helpful recipes

Volume 137 - October 15, 2010
Health Conditions and EO’s that might help; How can Essential Oils Help me with my health? ; How Much Essential Oil to do I use making my Personalized products and Gifts? ; including helpful recipes and links to previous articles!

Volume 136 -September 22, 2010
Lyme Disease - The Great Imitator; Are you a Cave Dweller? How the Seasons affect us Physically and Emotionally and how essential oils may help; The Muscle Relief and Sweet Muscle Relief Massage oil blends Here are the Results from the “Testers”. including helpful recipes and links to previous articles!

Volume 135 - August 19, 2010
It’s Fall Allergy Season – help with the “Secondaries”, including helpful recipes and links to previous articles!

Volume 134 - July 22, 2010
Are you a Weekend Yardwork Warrior?, Journaling - one of the most important aspects of Aromatherapy, Enjoy Eating outdoors and be Bug Free!

Volume 133 - June 23, 2010
Tips & Suggestions from our Readers and Customers on how they use Essential oils and our Aromatherapy Supplies and products. This may give you some Great Suggestions!

Volume 132 - May 12, 2010
SUMMER TIME IS HERE! And so are Vacations and Family Outings! & Our List of Essential oils we take with us when we go to the Cabin or Camping.

Volume 131 - April 8, 2010
How & Why of Storing Essential oils properly Plus some Fun Recipes!

Volume 130 - UPDATED And moved to it's new location.

Volume 129 - January 20, 2010
This Winter is Making me Depressed! or is it Cabin Fever?

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