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by Penny Keay

Here are some more great recipes!

Summer is close to coming to an end. We do hope you had a good one though.

With that in mind, we know Fall is around the corner and the weather will change too in many parts of the country. As colder air slowly moves in, our body will let us know that winter is not to far away.

Those with sore, painful joints due to injury or arthritis will start to feel more discomfort. You may find one of these massage blends submitted by Florence A. to be helpful.

She tells us these formulas have helped many folks with their Arthritis, Joint and Muscular pain. We hope they will work for you too. Please, Let us know.

There are plenty of other wonderful recipes to try too.

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Recipe submitted by our customer Florence A.

2 oz safflower oil
24 drops Benzoin (we do not offer this oil)
24 drops Ginger
24 drops Juniper
24 drops Marjoram
24 drops Rosemary

Blend together the essential oils and add the safflower oil


recipe submitted by our customer Florence A.

20 drops Roman Chamomile
5 drops Black Pepper
2 oz safflower carrier oil
Blend the essential oils then add to the safflower oil.

Penny’s Note: Although Florences recipe calls for safflower oil, any light carrier oil could be used. Sunflower oil oil is a great massage oil and should work well in this recipe too.


Soon your kids will be off to school. Like many of us adults, kids become stressed too and anxiety can appear from mild to the point of panic. To ease this anxiety try this blend. If the anxiety is severe you may need to try different combinations of essential oils to calm them down.

Bergamot - 15 drops
Lavender - 5 drops
Geranium - 10 drops
Roman Chamomile - 1 drop

Blend these in an amber bottle. Place in any Diffuser or use in a Personal inhaler.


After a busy day take this blend to your massage therapist (or Spouse) and have them give you a quick little back rub.

Before you know it you will feel a little more energetic.

Lemongrass - 10 drops
Geranium - 10 drops
Sweet Basil - 6 drops
Lime - 4 drops
Sunflower oil - 1 ounce

Blend all in a PET plastic bottles and use for massage.

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It's that time of the year again!! Hay Fever is a pain for those so afflicted.

Penny has allergies to - Ragweed. One of the most common hayfever allergens. She uses this blend starting about the first of August. It helps to keep things under control.

Namely the sneezing, watery eyes and itchy nose.

Roman Chamomile - 3 drops
German Chamomile - 3 drops
Helichrysum - 2 drops
Lavender - 2 drops
Peppermint -1 drop (Optional)

Blend together and put in a Personal inhaler. Inhale once in each nostril about every 6-8 hours during Hayfever days!


We have used this blend several times for people, espeicially those folks in assisted living or care centers that seem to have problems keeping their legs comfortable.

This blend can be used in a Diffuser, or if someone is available, mix into a carrier oil and massage the legs.

Lavender - 24 drops
Roman Chamomile - 20 drops
Vetiver - 16 drops

Blend well in an amber bottle. If inhaling, put a few drops in a Personal inhaler and take several deep breaths when legs are feeling restless.

Or mix 15 drops of this blend in 1 ounce of Carrier oil, shake well and use for leg massage.


This time of year we get a lot of requests for Hair Loss formulas. Not sure why but here is a recipe that might help slow down the loss of hair in the late summer and fall time.

Rosemary - 20 drops
Lavender - 20 drops
Basil - 10 drops
1 ounce of Jojoba or Camellia oil.

Mix essential oils in an amber bottle then add one of the carrier oils. Blend well. Use 1/2 teaspoon and massage into the scalp at night. Leave in and then shampoo out in the morning. Do this 2-3 times a week.

If no decrease or slowing down of hair loss in 2 weeks, discontinue use as this recipe may not be right for you.


Lavender - 20 drops
Rosemary - 15 drops
Peppermint - 5 drops
Eucalyptus globulus - 5 drops
Sweet Almond Oil - 2 ounces

Blend essential oil in a PET plastic bottle, add almond oil, shake well. Have someone give you a 10-15 minute massage on the sore areas.

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After a long summer of being exposed to many types of fungus, including athlete's feet, you may have a tough foot fungal infection to deal with. It probably will be made worse once you stop wearing the summer sandals and have to go back to wearing regular shoes - ugh!

Tea Tree - 30 drops
Lavender - 20 drops
Myrrh - 10 drops
Geranium - 8 drops
Peppermint - 8 drops
Oregano - 2 drops
Grapeseed oil- 1 ounce

Mix essential oils in a PET plastic bottle, then add the Grapeseed oil. Shake well.

After soaking your feet in a tub of warm water and cleaning well, dry with a towel. Then apply several drops to your feet, including between your toes.

Massage in, if you have an excess of the oil on your feet after 5 minutes wipe off with another towel. Put on clean white socks and leave on over night.

In the morning, wash feet gently with regular soap or with our Tea Tree Soap, dry and apply a few drops of Jojoba . Massage in, wipe off excess, and you can put on clean socks. (Ladies, if you need to wear nylons, use the cotton liners that are available.)

It is important to soak your feet in the water for at least 15 minutes. You need to clean off old dead skin and the fungal debris each day. Use a hand brush if necessary.

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© 2007, 2015 Penny Keay All rights reserved Worldwide.
Please do not use my information without my permission.

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