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by Penny Keay

Everyone at one time or another gets some type of wound that will leave a scar. Whether it be from a cut, scrape or surgery, most of us would like to do something about them.

Although there is not a guarantee around from any company or product to completely hide and heal scars, the best anyone can hope for is lightening of the scar so it is less noticeable. Occasionally you can get a scar to fade to the point where it is barely detectable.

Essential oils and several carrier oils can hasten the process to help scars become less noticeable.

Several essential oils can help the process of healing of any wound. Helichrysum works great when used around new wounds, especially when there is bruising also present. It has properties to help the cells regenerate quickly and also will help with pain relief. Although it works on old scars too, it does its best work on fresh ones.

Lavender once diluted, can also be used around new wounds, it helps to fight infection and helps the body to heal quickly, again, by helping the body to regenerate new cells. The more quickly a wound can heal, the less likelihood of scarring.

When a cut or wound is fresh, clean the area with 2 cups of warm water to which you have added 5 drops of Lavender and 2-3 drops of Tea Tree. This will help to clean and disinfect the area.

Then apply a band aid or piece of gauze over the wound that has 2-3 drops of Lavender (diluted with a carrier oil) added to the pad and place over the wound. Change this a couple times a day. After the third day you should be able to leave it uncovered. If not continue for a couple more days.

If the cut is severe enough to require stitches (a.k.a. "sutures") you should consult your doctor and make sure there is no objection to using Lavender when diluted on the wound. Some doctors prefer you wait until the 'stitches' are removed.

If that is the case, the doctor may not object to you applying the essential oils around the perimeter of the wound. Remember many essential oils easily penetrate the skin, enter the blood vessels and are free to travel throughout the body.

So even if you can't apply the healing oils directly to the wound to start with, you can still use the oils, as the cells that need the help of the essential oils will still be able to get them.

Neroli and Sage also play important rolls in the healing and treatment of scars.

Once the cut has sealed shut and that can be anywhere from a couple days to about a week, you can start to apply blends known to help reduce scarring.

Do not remove any scabs. Apply the blend over the top of the scab and surrounding area. If you pick, pull or rub off the scab, instead of letting it fall off naturally - you WILL have a scar!!

A simple blend of
Helichrysum - 10 drops and
Rosehip seed oil - 1 ounce -
applied to the wound a couple times a day will help the healing process to continue rather quickly and there should be minimal to no scarring.

According to French aromatherapy literature, these oils will also help slow-healing wounds and prevention of keloid formation.

If you have old scars you can start a daily treatment using all of these oils too but realize it may take as long as 3 to 6 months before you might see results.

Rosehip seed oil and Hazelnut oil are two very important carrier oils in the healing process of scars.

When I had surgery, I used a mixture of Rosehip seed oil and Hazelnut oil along with Helichrysum, Lavender, Neroli and Sage. I have an almost invisible incision line.

To order this blend premixed (without having to purchase the costly individual components) See our Shopping cart and enter in Scar Lightening Blend in the product search.

I did not start applying this until all the sutures and staples were removed from my very large incision. And since some of my 'stitches' were in for 3 weeks, it delayed my ability to get going like she had hoped to on the reduction of scarring.

I did apply diluted Lavender oil near the incision line. This by itself, helped reduce the inflammation and itching that accompanies such types of incisions. Also, I'm sure helped the healing process along as well.

Once the sutures were out, she applied this twice a day. By the time six months post op came around the majority of the incision was invisible.

Everyone will heal and react differently but this is an all natural and very inexpensive thing to do. So if you wish to give them a try, remember essential oils and some nourishing carrier oils are very effective at helping you lighten those awful scars!

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© 2005, 2013, 2015, 2017 Penny Keay All rights reserved Worldwide.
Please do not use my information without my permission.

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