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April 24, 2009

In this issue:

Physical Ailment

Seasonal Allergy time is once again here!

by Penny Keay

Ka-chew! Allergy season is here. Seasonal rhinitis can be a slight annoyance for some and a major health issue for others. All the plants and trees especially are starting to bloom. Pollen is in the air every where!

The best way of course is try to avoid the allergens. If it could only be that easy! The wind and dry spring weather in much of the country only help to spread that pollen dust!

The other is to help build up your immune system so when the pollen is flying your immune system is ready.

Penny is troubled in the spring due to the mold spores that are still breaking down the leaves and other dead plant materials from last fall and all the TREES that are blooming!

No sooner will she get things under control and have a short break during the month of June and July, before the fall allergy season (hay fever) begins!

This time of the year there are several essential oils that may help you. They have natural antihistamine in them and may be all you need.

German Chamomile and Roman Chamomile are some of the best ones, but Helichrysum is good for inflammation too. And Helichrysum may help along with the other two.

Our Allergy Tamer blend works really well for all the seasonal allergies as it contains several anti-histamine property essential oils and ones for inflammation and congestion too.

Others find that a blend of Roman Chamomile, Lemon, Eucalyptus globulus, and Lavender help give relief once they have a reaction. Simply add a couple drops of Roman Chamomile, Lemon and Lavender to your bath, and relax. (You can diffuse in the air too.)

If you prefer to use a rub, just blend the above with a tablespoon of any carrier oil and apply to your neck and chest. Adding a drop of Geranium also works for some folks.

You'll need to experiment with different essential oils to find which one will work better for you. Try each one or any blend for about 1 week before changing to another. Keep a journal and record what works. You'll want to remember for next year!

Once you are afflicted you can try treating with essential oils for some symptomatic relief. Peppermint will help to open stuffy noses, as will Eucalyptus globulus.

Eucalyptus radiata is preferred over Eucalyptus globulus for upper respiratory concerns in children and the elderly. Rosemary can be used if either of the Eucalyptus globulus should be too strong.

Placing a few drops of your favorite essential oil in a cool bowl of water, wringing a cool cloth and placing it on your fore head or over the bridge of your nose, and relaxing is very comforting and may help to relieve the pressure that sometimes builds up in your sinuses during this time.

Remember, I have allergies too and I feel for each and everyone that suffers from this malady. I can’t tell you if using essential oils will stop your allergic reaction but I do know that for me, since I started using essential oils, I rarely ever have to resort to an over the counter allergy medication (Benedryl) to control my allergic reactions.

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Emotional Concern

Frustration - A Combination of Mild Anger and Impatience

by Penny Keay

Every one of us has become frustrated at different times. Something you expect to go easy or work out and it doesn’t! “Try and Try again” as the old saying goes, but pretty soon, your fuse has become short and you become angry. Your patience has come to the end.

When you realize what is happening you will need to take action before things get out of hand and you say or do things you will regret later.

Now is when you need to sit back and take a deep breath and inhale some much needed essential oils to CALM you down!!

Not only will the little break help you to refocus but may be all that is needed to make the task or situation work out as you had originally planned.

What essential oils may work for you when you become frustrated? Well start with Lavender and the Chamomiles – both German Chamomile and Roman Chamomile can help you to calm down.

Others that work too include Vetiver, Bergamot, Rose Otto, Petitgrain and Patchouli.

If you are becoming increasingly angry you might want to try a few euphoric essential oils like Ylang-Ylang, Jasmine and Clary Sage.

Being frustrated over situations out of your control can make you feel helpless and impatient.

To help you become more patient you can try adding some Cypress, Pine needle and Helichrysum. La

st but not least, any essential oil that you enjoy and has worked in the past to calm you down, is the one you should be inhaling.

If you need to refocus try some Concentration blend or use Rosemary to help mental alertness.

After all is said and done. Kick back, enjoy a hot soak in the tub and forget the whole ordeal!!

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Health and Beauty

The Sun, The Wind and Wrinkles

by Penny Keay

The summer sun feels great on your face (and skin) after a long cold winter.

Spending a little time in the sun each day is good for you. The sunshine helps your body to produce Vitamin D and other hormones your body needs for strong bones and a healthy glow. But excessive amounts of time spent in the sun can be very damaging to the skin of you face.

The sun and the wind can quickly dry your skin out. Squinting – even though you may be wearing sunglasses can help along those ‘crows feet’ beside your eyes.

As we age our skin won’t retain moisture as well as it did when we were young and soon we develop lines and creases. The skin may also develop rough and discolored areas. If you want to keep you skin looking young it needs to be kept smooth and soft.

Dry skin is more prone to wrinkles and other blemishes. To help your skin you’ll want to do a couple things. First drink plenty of clean fresh water – no sodas, no other juices, etc. Plain old water!! Next you’ll want to apply a lotion, cream or oil to keep the moisture in!

The following essential oils are great for summer skin care:

Lavender, Geranium, Sandalwood, Neroli, Frankincense, Rose Otto, Carrotseed and Roman Chamomile.

One of our longtime customers asked me to create a blend for several of her clients that were in the 40 plus years category.

They were just now starting to develop some wrinkles and want to try to slow down the process.

Here is a blend of essential oils that is great on any skin to help with wrinkles both in prevention and in helping after they have developed. We have several women that just love this blend.

“Wrinkles be gone” for Aging Skin

Frankincense – 10 drops
Carrotseed – 10 drops
Lavender – 10 drops
Rosewood – 10 drops
Neroli – 5 drops
Fennel – 5 drops
Rosemary – 5 drops
Lemon – 3 drops
Rose Otto – 3 drops
Geranium – 3 drops

Blend well in an glass bottle. This can be used several ways.

1. Add 5 drops to 4 ounces of Distilled water, or astringent, or toner, shake well. Then apply to a clean face with a cotton pad. Let dry. Apply your favorite moisturizer.

2. Add 15 drops to any unscented lotion or our Sorbolene Cream , blend well. Then apply small amounts to a clean face. Rub lightly to spread evenly.

If you don’t want to blend this recipe yourself, we have a comparable Synergy called Smooth & Soft Blend that can be used just the same way and contains almost all the above essential oils listed.

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Around the House and Garden

Springtime is "bug"gy time!

by Penny Keay

Everything is coming alive!! The trees are starting to bloom and get their leaves, the grass is growing and “Buzz and Swat!”

What is that? Oh no, Mosquitoes and other flying and crawling bugs are coming alive too!!

We are asked often how to get rid of insects and bugs. Well, this is not an easy task.

There are many essential oils that will repel insects – both flying and crawling, but they won’t “KILL” them unless they are sprayed directly on the ‘pest’.

Insects and bugs walk on ‘stilts’ or fly above the areas where you put any essential oils. Because they don’t come in direct contact with the essential oils the best essential oils can do is to repel them.

Of course if you are lucky enough to spray them directly, then the essential oils will most likely kill them rather quickly.

Now, although we might not be able to kill them, several essential oils can help to keep them off of you and away from areas you want them to ‘be gone’ from.

The following oils are a few that have worked for repellants for some of our customers

- Peppermint for mice and ants
- Pennyroyal for spiders and crawly things
- Citronella for some other flying things

They have written to us stating that these have helped them in repelling bugs and insects.

Research in our reference books found some other suggestions

- ants - Spearmint, Peppermint and Pennyroyal
- flies - Anise, Bay laurel, Cedarwood, Clove bud, Eucalyptus globulus, Lavender
- gnats - Pennyroyal
- roaches - Angelica, Eucalyptus globulus, Peppermint and Sage
- black beetle - Peppermint, Lemongrass, Pennyroyal and Lavender

Here is a recipe that may help

An Area Repellent

1/2 teaspoon Eucalyptus globulus
1/4 teaspoon Peppermint
1/4 teaspoon Lemon
1 teaspoon Emulsifier
4oz vinegar or distilled water

Put all ingredients in a spray bottle and shake, let sit for a while and then spray where needed.

You can also put any of the above listed single oils on a cotton ball and place the cotton balls in the areas where you know they are or might be coming in at.

Another option is to use some of our Mint Scented Aroma beads or Mint Fiber Bits to place in areas where the crawling pests are located.

The essential oils in these products last longer than on cotton balls. No matter what you use, be sure to keep your pets or children away from essential oils as you don’t want them to accidentally ingest or play with these items.

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Recipes to try

Ker Chew!! – An Allergy Blend

German Chamomile – 8 drops
Helichrysum – 4 drops
Geranium – 4 drops
Eucalyptus citriodora – 3 drops
Rosemary – 3 drops

Blend these together and use in any Personal inhaler.

Fight the Frustration Blend

Roman Chamomile – 5 drops
Bergamot – 5 drops
Lavender – 5 drops
Peppermint – 2 drops

Blend the above essential oils in a glass bottle. Use several drops in any aromatherapy diffuser. Ideally if you are dealing with frustration that last hours, apply to a necklace or aromatherapy bracelet and inhale often.

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Summer Skin Toner

Sandalwood – 3 drops
Neroli – 2 drops
Rose Otto – 2 drops
Distilled Water – 4 oz

Blend the essential oils together then add to the Distilled Water. Shake well before using. Apply with a soft cotton pad after cleaning your face. Let your skin dry slightly then apply your favorite moisturizer lotion .

Buggie, Buggie Go Away!

Cedarwood – 10 drops
Eucalyptus globulus – 6 drops
Lavender – 6 drops
Lemongrass – 6 drops
Peppermint – 2 drops
Clove bud – 1 drop
Cinnamon leaf – 1 drop
Emulsifier – 1 teaspoonful
Body spray - 8 ounces
PET bottle with Spray top

Blend essential oils well in PET bottle then add a teaspoon emulsifier. Mix thoroughly. Then add the distilled water and shake well. Spray the area or can be applied to yourself if desired to help keep the ‘buggies’ away!

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© 2009, 2015, 2017 Penny Keay All rights reserved Worldwide.
Please do not use my information without my permission.

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