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Essential oils for a Strong Immune System

by Penny Keay

When you have a strong immune system, you are less likely to get ill or if you do get caught off guard your body will be able to easily defend itself. Having certain chronic ailments makes you more susceptible to illness.

sick germ

Bacteria and germs are not always the enemy. We all have a certain amount of bacteria on our skin and in our digestive systems. They are necessary for us to survive.

They are the friendly bacteria. Our body needs them to help us digest our foods, for our body to assimilate the nutrients in our foods. Most bacteria on the skin are harmless.

Of course, we all can get exposed to some really nasty germs too. Just about all essential oils will help the immune system. Since all of them have anti viral, anti bacterial and anti fungal properties to varying degrees - they will help keep most infections to a minimum.

One of the most beneficial ways for you to get the most from your essential oils is by diffusing them. Hence, the term Aromatherapy.

Diffusing immune supportive essential oils on a daily basis is a great first line of defense.

When you inhale, breath in, or diffuse into the air essential oils, they go directly to the lungs. There they are quickly absorbed into the blood stream as they cross the airway/capillary system.

From there the molecules of essential oils are transported throughout the body and into each and every cell. Since it only takes a few minutes for blood to circulate throughout the whole body, the essential oils you have just inhaled will be throughout your entire body within a few minutes.

What about gargling? Mouth rinses?

This on the other hand is almost as beneficial as inhaling. The mucous membranes in your mouth will quickly absorb essential oils into the blood stream also. And of course when you breath some of the essential vapors from your mouth with be inhaled through your airways.

When you are using an essential oil in a mouth wash or gargle, you will not swallow the mixture, just swish it around and spit it out.

Also you will never ever use more than a drop or 2 per ounce of water for this type of rinse. Sometimes it may be only one drop in 8 ounces of water!

Essential oils are so strong and ‘hot’ that you won’t want more than a drop in your water.

Again, even though a mouth rinse may be beneficial for mouth sores and sore throats, it should not be an everyday occurrence as we have stated before, inhalation is the preferred method of using essential oils.

What about massage oils? Won't they help?

Yes, using essential oils in a massage blend or rub is very helpful. The essential oils will be absorbed slowly and over a several hours period of time. I like to say it is our 'time released' method of aromatherapy.

The skin is the largest organ of the body, and some essential oils constituents can penetrate the layers of the skin and be absorbed into the blood stream. When we add them to carrier oils and lotions, they absorb more slowly.

With a few exceptions, essential oils should always be diluted into a carrier oil or lotion before being applied to the skin. Some oils can cause a sensitive skin reaction, which should pass quickly once removed. Some oils contain very strong chemicals constituents and if used undiluted can actually cause skin damage.

Now onto essential oils that may actually help build the immune system.

The first group of essential oils are thought to increase the activity in different parts of your immune system. Included in this group is Bay laurel, Cinnamon leaf, Eucalyptus globulus, Frankincense, Oregano and Sage.

This group of essential oils for the most part are fairly strong and are suggested to be used when you have been exposed to viruses or other disease producing organisms.

This next group are actually the oils that may help your body build up your immune system. They keep your white blood cells in production according to Kathi Kevilles' book Aromatherapy for Dummies.

Included are: Bergamot, Roman Chamomile, Lavender, Lemon, Myrrh, Pine needle, Sandalwood, Tea Tree, Thyme - linalool and Vetiver. Kathi states that these essential oils work with the body to fight infection and to help it heal itself.

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When dealing with a lot of stress the top immune stimulating essential oils according to Valerie Ann Worwood are Geranium, Rosemary, Lavender and Tea Tree.

These oils are wonderful and gentle enough for daily use. Diffusing these or blends incorporating these oils will be a pleasant way to help you help yourself.

What about Ingesting them?

We have been asked many times about taking essential oils internally to help build the immune system. Well, frankly, ingesting essential oils is not ever recommended in the way that has been suggested by some MLM companies.

Essential oils are strong concentrated chemicals and ingesting them undiluted or even inside a gel cap or on a sugar cube can be very damaging to the lining of your esophagus and stomach. Not to mention as they continue their journey down the intestinal tract they can do harm to the liver and kidneys.

Unfortunately essential oils that are ingested often are destroyed by the stomach acids. Also since they are strong, any essential oil constituents that do survive can destroy some of the beneficial bacteria, etc found in our intestines.

So please do not ingest essential oils that are in gelatin capsules or on a sugar cube. Essential oils should only be ingested this way if prescribed by a Physician and only a Physician!!

Where do I start?

If you haven’t built your immune system by diffusing essential oils on a regular basis or if you have other underlying health issues that have weakened your immune system you may still be attacked by the flu virus or a nasty cold.

Even folks like us that have been around them for years can still get sick. Although the severity is usually a lot less and the duration shortened.

TO BEGIN to help boost the immune system begin by diffusing any of the above mentioned essential oils on a daily basis.

respiratory blend

Helpful blends include Four Robbers blend, Pure Cleansing blend, Immunity Builder, Easy Breathe Blend, Respiratory Blend, Protect Me! Blend and others.

You do not need to diffuse a lot each day, but a few drops in the air in the evening hours should help prevent the majority of new viruses, bacteria and fungal that have arrived in you hope to be keep in check.

Not getting proper sleep can disrupt your eating and exercise regimens. Pretty soon your whole immune system becomes more susceptible to viruses and other germs.

Here again essential oils can help your immune system stay strong. Diffusing any essential oil will have varying degrees of antimicrobial action against bacterial and viruses. Choosing the best one for your immediate needs will vary.

We have many synergy blends that can be used for multiple actions. Realize that although a “name” of a blend is suggestive of the health or emotional application it may be used for, most of our synergy blends can be used for ‘other’ situations or health concerns.

Don’t be afraid to diffuse any of our blends or use them in the bath or shower. Mix them in massage lotions or oils. Wear them on jewelry.

Remember to get plenty of sleep and exercise, drink plenty of water and get some sunshine and fresh air each day.

Essential oils help build your immune system to help you stay healthy when exposed to cold and flu viruses.

Although we have made suggestions above for the most likely essential oils to give you and help you with your immune system, you can use any essential oil(s) you enjoy, as all will help you build your immune system to varying degrees.

Pick any you like and diffuse them regularly.

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© 2012, 2014, 2018 Penny Keay All rights reserved Worldwide.
Please do not use my information without my permission.

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