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WARTS - Can you use essential oils to get rid of them?

by Penny Keay

These unsightly little skin blemishes are caused by a virus. Most often appearing on the hands and feet (plantar warts).

Warts can be difficult to eliminate and can take a long time before they are completely gone. Then again, sometimes they just seem to disappear overnight!

Many people like to seek natural wart treatments before seeing their doctors.

There are several essential oils you can use to help resolve the warts. Tea Tree, Lemon, Bergamot and Cypress are the most commonly used.

Thyme linalool and Cinnamon leaf are effective against these growths too, but are used more as a last resort.

The easiest home remedy for warts is simple. We suggest using Lemon oil first.

Blend 2 drops of Lemon with 2 drops of Jojoba - apply 2 drops to the wart and apply a Band-Aid.

Do this daily for a couple weeks. If you see no improvement, you may need to try Tea Tree next. Again blend with Jojoba, apply a couple drops and cover with a Band-Aid.

Cinnamon leaf and Thyme linalool should be tried last. Cinnamon leaf can be a skin sensitizer and so caution should be used. Thyme is very strong and can also cause skin irritations. These should never be used on children or the elderly.

Cinnamon leaf and Thyme linalool should be mixed with a carrier oil such as Jojoba.

Simple Wart Blend

To 1 teaspoon of Jojoba add 10 drops Cinnamon leaf (or Thyme linalool).

Blend well, then apply to wart and cover with a Band-Aid.

Special Wart Blend

Lemon - 12 drops
Tea Tree - 4 drops
Bergamot FCF - 4 drops
Thyme - 4 drop
Cypress - 3 drop
Jojoba 1 tablespoon

Blend together in an amber bottle. Then apply only ONE drop ONCE a day to the wart. Use up to 2 weeks.

To use on children or the elderly - mix the above in 2 tablespoon of Jojoba oil and apply one drop once a day.

If no improvement, discontinue and see your doctor.

Special note:

Warts appearing in the genital area or on the face need to be treated by a physician.

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